Greenville County has changed dramatically in the past 20 years that Samantha and her family have lived in the area. And, we all need to prepare ourselves for dramatic new growth and change to come. We have to work #togethergvl to write the future story of our place, one that we can all be proud of.

Over the next 20 years we are projected to grow by almost 50% in population. Imagine…

  • 50% more cars on the road.
  • 50% more students in our education system.
  • 50% more people to employ.
  • 50% more people who need a roof over their heads.

It is critical that the citizens and leaders in Greenville County come together to write the story of our next chapter together. Sam promises to advocate and work tirelessly for a story of:

#1 Smart Growth

Smart growth is, ultimately, a tide that floats all boats. We need to balance this looming influx of new people and corresponding development with stewardship of our environment, with smart transportation, infrastructure and workforce solutions, with protection of neighborhoods and vulnerable communities.

Greenville County recently adopted an in-depth 2040 Comprehensive Plan based on an extensive 13-month process with significant community input. The documented vision for our home county is: “Greenville County, South Carolina: A Community Where Innovation and Opportunity Meet Natural Beauty and Unrivaled Quality of Life”. Achieving this will take true and consistent political leadership as the elements of this vision can sometimes be at odds with each other. We need thoughtful, proactive leaders protecting and advocating for this vision at every turn.

Ultimately, Sam knows balancing the pressures of a fast-growing community is complex and requires us to have leaders, like herself, who will #asktherightquestions to ensure #smartgrowth.

#2 Inclusive Action

The recent repeal of the 1996 Anti-Gay Resolution was an important step forward for our community. And it was really just the start. Greenville County has long had a rich and celebrated culture. We now need to embrace every corner of our diverse and vibrant community, particularly those that have been underrepresented and left out of our decisions. In laws, in resolutions, and in county policies, we must be inclusive and just in real and lasting ways.

As one of the largest employers in the county, Greenville County Government has an opportunity to show leadership, to embody this value of diversity. Internal employee policies across all departments should be reviewed with an eye towards language and standards that encourage and ensure diversity and inclusion in county operations. The nature of representation on the 22 county-wide commissions and boards which govern and influence so many critical dimensions and services in our community need to be revisited for the same reason. In all ways possible, we need to ensure that the people at our governing decision-making tables are truly representative of our diverse community, particularly those that have been historically underrepresented.

Sam believes, that diversity=strength and will work to ensure, in all facets of county operations, that we exhibit #inclusiveaction.

#3 Intergovernmental Solutions

Problems with transportation, affordable housing and our environment will not be solved in a vacuum, by one city. We need a County Council of leaders who will reach out in proactive ways, across jurisdictional lines, to municipal, state, and federal partners and do the hard work to ensure we solve the complex problems facing our community.

The recent experience in the County Square Redevelopment journey is one acute example of the need for more collaboration. We need leaders who show up early in the process, who proactively reach out to each other and work together as strategic allies in bringing about solutions together.

There are a myriad of ways to do this. It first begins, simply, by building relationships. It is showing up at each other’s meetings and forums. It could also take the shape of a County-wide annual summit of elected leaders across all jurisdictions with the goal of building more collaboration as well as integration and alignment in community solutions.

As the population density of Greenville County increases dramatically in the coming years, Sam will work to narrow the communication and collaboration gap between city, county, state and federal government to find true and lasting solutions.

Let’s do this. #togethergvl


Link to Greenville County Comprehensive Plan

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Infographic of Community Survey Results

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Statement on Rescinding the 1996 Anti-Gay Resolution

We want to hear from you, District 22

Please provide feedback on what concerns you have, and what you think the priorities are for Greenville County.


Samantha Wallace is the Democratic candidate for Greenville County Council District 22. She is running to usher in a new and more representative era in Greenville County: an era that sees our County Council support smart and sustainable growth, include and represent our diverse community, and work proactively with other governmental entities (city/state/federal) to implement real and lasting solutions for our citizens.


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