Together Greenville

Hello neighbors and friends!

Until we can be together in person, I’m sending you virtual greetings and wishes for continued health and safety for you, your family and loved ones.

While these are challenging times we are all living and plans seem to change on a daily basis, I remain committed as ever to stepping forward and serving our community as your next County Council person for District 22.

It’s been an incredible time of reflection of late. This past week my husband and I wore our masks, sat safely apart from others and watched our twin sons graduate from the Fine Arts Center and Greenville High at the Bon Secours arena. This was something just a few weeks ago we weren’t sure we would be able to witness. It honestly feels like yesterday I was packing the lunches for two kindergartners with tiny backpacks, leaving our home every morning for the neighborhood walk to Stone Academy.

It’s been a privilege to raise our children in this great community, and it’s been a privilege to give back to it. My work to co-found Edible Upcountry magazine and M.Judson booksellers was about much more than starting and building businesses. It was about enriching and adding to our community. Helping to make Greenville better while also celebrating and honoring our history and sense of place.

That same desire to make our community better is what fuels my hope to serve you in public office. My proven track record in making good change happen, in bringing good things to life here in Greenville County, is why I will be the best choice, why I will be the leader that can truly move things forward. For all of us.

Now, more than ever, we need thoughtful, engaged and proactive leaders who can bring people with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and ideas together for the good of the whole. It is impossible to hold back the tide of rapid growth and change of our county. We need leaders who both celebrate our history AND represent a bright and positive future for our shared place. And we need leaders who’ve shown they will roll up their sleeves and make good things happen.

I will be that leader for us. For all of us. I ask for your vote in November and I look forward to creating our future TOGETHER.

Please learn more about my campaign through my website and join our journey on Facebook and Instagram.

Be well, be safe out there and I hope to see you in person someday very soon!

Let’s do this. #togethergvl

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